Monday, 30 January 2012

Volte Face Series Paintings 1992-1994

Volte Face 1992 Oil on canvas 182cm x 240cm

Volte Face Detail

The Wedding 1993 Oil on canvas 207cm x 240cm

The Parade 1993 Oil on canvas 226cm x 240cm

The Parade Detail

The Lovers 1992 Oil on canvas 220cm x 240cm

The Lovers Detail

Tattoo Woman 1992 Oil on canvas 223cm x 240cm

Tattoo Woman Detail

In the city 1994 Oil on canvas 250cm x 240cm

The Scapegoat 1993 Oil on canvas 187cm x 240cm


My work depicts people, sometimes shown or clothed as ‘characters’, placed within an environment reflecting their moods and desires, a space that is metaphorical. In creating a metaphorical space I want to depict a meeting point of the real and the imagined

The work also reflects a sense of displacement. As well as a reflection of my own experience and memory they have been inspired by sources as diverse as contemporary and historical war footage, landscapes from films or historical painting or inspired by the sites of real events in history. In a sense I see these as sources of social memory, a pool of collective experience. In my most recent work I have used a combination and juxtaposition of print (monotype) and painted space. The work draws from particularly western historical genres of painting, a reflection on the illusionistic depth of field and gesture in this genre. I wish to subvert and twist the field within which the figures are seen, to display a challenge and metaphor from this depiction.

Harriet Hedden studied painting at Norwich School of Art from 1986-1989, and following a year as Artist in Residence in Bedford, went for two years to Freiburg, Germany as a guest of Prof. Peter Dreher, at the Staatliche Akademie für Bildenen Kunst where she also taught at the Albert Ludwig Universität.

On her return to London she won an AHRB scholarship for two years to study at the Slade School of Fine Art where she completed her MA in Fine Art (Printmaking) in 1997. She was invited to teach in leading masterclasses with Prof. Bartolemeu dos Santos at the Fundaçao Calouste Gubelkian Tavira Printmaking workshop in Portugal and with Stanley Jones MBE at the Curwen Print Centre as well as a residency in Florence Italy at Studio Art Centres International. She currently teaches at Chelsea school of Art in London. Harriet has exhibited widely in the UK and in Europe. Her work is held in British Museum Print & Drawings collection, Strang Print Collection UCL, Deutschbank, the Tassos Printmaking Archive Greece, Bedford Museum as well as private collections in the UK and abroad.